Visualizing 360 Data Points

In addition to this blog, Perceptual Edge provides a Discussion Forum for people to exchange and discuss ideas regarding data visualization. It tends to be a place where specialists in visual data analysis and presentation congregate, but from time to time the ideas that are shared cry out for a broader audience. A few days ago Jorge Camoes provided a dataset with 360 values — expenditures in 12 categories for 29 European Union countries, plus an average for all of these countries (30 rows by 12 columns of values) — and seeded a discussion by presenting several ways to represent this information in a single display. The discussion that has ensued presents a rich exploration of data visualization, not only in terms of the solutions that have been proposed, but also in its consideration of the questions one must ask to determine the best way to visualize quantitative data. If this sounds interesting, please take a look and perhaps join in the discussion.

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